Episode 005 - Shards of Alderaan: A complete mess of a podcast!

July 29, 2017

On this Episode, "Shards of Alderaan: A complete mess of a podcast!", G, Danny, Steve and Young Daniel discuss the NEWEST Darth Vader comic, NEW leaked images from The Last Jedi (including a sweet sultry blue eyed snoke), we BREAK some Han Solo movie news, and a whole bunch of other crap. Oh...and you all get to listen as Steve falls out of his chair while we were recording. We all got to view it on Skype...and it was glorious! Dont wait to listen...this is riveting stuff. And you would never know it, but we were all stone cold sober. Email us at voice@taoswf.com with comments, questions, or to tell G how silky smooth his voice is.  www.taoswf.com and on Twitter and Instagram at: @taoswf