Episode 003 - Star Wars talk on the ROCKS

July 2, 2017

On this episode Gerard, Daniel, and Steve talk about the latest Han Solo film news and rumors. Next you'll hear a discussion about the premier of "Forces of Destiny". Next we go into a discussion about the upcoming Phasma novel which is due in stores on 9/1/17. To cap off the show we hit the "High Ground" with a discussion about our favorite lightsaber duels of the Star Wars franchise. 

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Episode 002 - Opie Cunningham takes the reigns

June 24, 2017

On this Episode, Gerard, Daniel and Joanna discuss "Star Wars Show and Tell", the chaos surrounding the untitled Han Solo movie and the fact that the Director duties have now been entrusted to the well seasoned Ron Howard, and we talk about what EU books we recommend to those seeking an "introduction" to that part of the Star Wars Universe.

Maybe next week we can add the soothing tones of Steve McMahan to the show...

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Episode 001 - The Voice of The Alliance has AWOKEN!

June 19, 2017

Today, June 19, 2017, marks the two-year anniversary of the formation of "The Alliance of Star Wars Fanatics" Facebook group. I find it only fitting that we finally launch the podcast that is born out of the formation of this group on this anniversary. "The Voice of The Alliance" will pull inspiration for its shows from the Star Wars fandom, news, AND the Facebook group and bring a new level of interaction for all positive members of the Star Wars Fandom to enjoy!

On this episode you'll hear Gerard, Danny and Daniel discussing the new Darth Vader comic book (Issue 01), as well as discussing some of the highlights from the "Battlefront II" presentation from E3. It's pretty good stuff considering these three guys have faces that were made for radio. Give it a listen and I'm almost sure it won't make you sick.